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  • Nfc Android turn key low cost solution

    We have developed an architecture based on NFC (Near Field Communication) that allow a company / municipality to use cards or stickies or other equipment with an ncf tag integrated. Our development cover all the aspects of the technology from device choice to formatting the tag to read and write the tag, using it as wallet, transportation ticket or museum ticket.

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  • Economic and Fast turn key wireless solution

    In less than three months we can start a telco in emerging markets. We can take care of every aspect from project, business plan to fine tuning after installation...

    We have many years of experience in this market and we can cover all your need. Your only occupation is to raise the funds for the project.

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  • Network Monitoring System and more release 1.0

    This is not another nms. It has unique features as geographical and logical maps, direct operations on objects using snmp (ie reboot), alerts and events, and more

    It is multiplatform, it can be used for Wimax or any other wireless or wired system

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  • Malawi Deployment - Lilongwe

    In only six months we start a full telecom network that cover the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe.

    We follow all the aspects from the site survey and search to the fine tuning of the network

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